Hello Pelican!

Dexygen will henceforth be powered by Pelican. The timing's a little unfortunate as I'll very shortly (within 2 days) be at the 2020 US Vue.js Conference but Pelican is by far the simplest static site generator I've encountered. Within minutes you can "just write", without being held back by the need to install a language, front-end framework, node.js, or a myriad of node modules.

For the conference my site may consist of nothing but this initial post, and an about page, but for what Pelican will allow me to do moving forward, it is worth it in my estimation, the plan being, after creating a sufficient amount of content, to circle back and address styling and so forth. But keep an eye out for more content in the short term, I have a list of between a half-dozen and 10 topics that I've either posted on other platforms, or having been planning to write about anew.